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Sexy Milking Boobs

Horny, full-breasted woman lactates her big milking boobs into a glass in a hot, tit squirting frenzy -- image by SexyLactating

When the breasts are full, and the pressure's on, lactating women will do just about anything for relief. No matter where or when the need arises--outdoors, in the kitchen, you name it--those juicy tits get milked into whatever receptacle happens to be available. These babes derive great sensual pleasure from the squeezing and squirting sensation as they pump their laden tits, and we know where to find the hottest over-sexed, over-full milk maids doing nasty things with their tit milk. Want to watch lactating hotties on breast pumps, or see them squirting their fresh moo juice into a glass? You've come to the right place!

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Hot Boob Milking

Slutty Talia squeezes her big milking boobs and squirts hot, fresh tit milk high into the air -- image by Lactalia

It's not only relief that lactating chicks crave. They might enjoy the feeling of those milking machines sucking on their engorged nipples, but the biggest thrill comes from the thoughts of being watched while they milk those udders dry. It's knowing that you're getting stiff from seeing them squirt their mammary milk that dampens their undies. They're hot for your hard attention, and we've got the inside scoop on the best places to witness outrageous milking nymphos spraying their freshly squeezed tit milk in the air, on their tongues and even on the furniture!

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Bgi Milking Boobs

Masked beauty engages in sexy boob milking with warm streams of breast mik squirting everywhere -- image by Lactation Fantasy

As with anything, in the world of lactation there are squirters and then there are big squirters. Some of those major league milk juggs produce not one stream of liquid but a multitude of  warm jets issuing forth at amazing velocity--a veritable geyser of milky goodness! And when two or more of these multi-spout babes get together, look out! We know right where to go to view these massive, milk filled tits with the ESP (extra squirt power). Feel like watching some high capacity milk tanks unload? Or maybe you'd prefer a wet, sticky milk fight? It's all yours!

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